Update, what have I been doing lateley

I have wanted to update the blog for a while now and I promise from now on, I will share more news with you all. So lately I have been doing a lot of food photography, which has become one of my favorite things to photograph. To me there is no comparison: the atmosphere, the aromas, the textures and color makes it unbelievably fabulous, and I get to be the witness and take part in documenting all the moments and the great pieces of art from many talented people. Can you top this somehow? Yes!, I guess I did when I was the official photographer for the first Food Fight Edmonton competition that held place at Get Cooking School in Mac Ewan University Campus. Time flew away pretty fast, and the adrenaline was on top pf the whole experience. The crowd was having so much fun, there was a DJ, a lot of food, great friends and “foodie” personalities… I could go on and on about his fight, but I guess it all sums up in this small video I made. I’m happy to be part of the second fight coming soon April 24th!!